Assisting In Clearance Of Goods

Yiwu Lotus Import & Export Co. Ltd. is technoloically equipped with online EDI connectivity to all customs location via ICEGATE interface to enable round the clock filing of Bill of Entry / Shipping Bill / Status Tracking of Bill of Entry, Shipping Bill & Container / Custom Duty Payments.

We provide import customs clearance, HSN Classification, rate of duty, prepration of Bill of Entry, processing the customs clearance, assesment, customs examination & obtaining customs out of charge and arranging dispatch, delivery to the destination.

Export custom clearance is preperation of shipping bill, classification for drawback, receipt of goods, measurement & weight, labeling processing, custom clearance, custom examination & obtaining custom out of charge & handling over international carriers.

We provide both Air custom clearance service and Sea custom clearance service we can clear all kinds of shipments across the globe to the maximum satisfaction of our customers due to our long years of information and wide exposure in this field.

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